Disney Dream Spring 2020

I have always loved the magic of Disney. There is just unmatchable magic and happiness associated with anything having to do with a pair of Mickey ears. When Julie extended the invitation to some sail with her on the Disney Dream and sneak in a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot on the boat, my photographer dreams became reality.

Some of the famous ‘media shoot’ locations on board are next to the red funnels!
A princess overlooking her kingdom!
Life through a porthole
Officer life is the best life!
Officer Julie and Captain Donald!

Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, is a photographer’s paradise. Shooting beside the turquoise waters and the white beaches is a postcard perfect background!

Rose gold Ears, blue waters and white sandy beaches
Disney Dream
Before we sailed, I found the picture on the left, and said it was the one picture that I wanted to recreate. It was everything I wanted it to be!
Disney is the only cruise line to celebrate every cruise with fireworks at sea

After a cruise at sea with my new friends, I keep asking myself “when can we do this again?!”

Cat and Jason Spring 2020

Celebrating one of my favorite couples, and pup during one of my favorite times of the year! I LOVE shooting in the spring in Branson, the colors are amazing, and they are everywhere! This session will always be remembered as extra special, because it was the last session I got to do before the world went crazy with COVID-19. I’m so thankful we took these pictures when we did, even though it was before their actual anniversary.

“The first time I saw you my heart whispered “that’s the one” and I never let go”

We lovingly refer to this location as “the yellow bush”…and it’s in the most random spot in town. The rest of the empty lot isn’t very scenic at all, but it’s proof that a photographer sees the world a little differently. Add two perfect subjects, and suddenly one bush is all it takes!

“She felt the most free when she as wrapped tightly in his arms”

Before this session, Cat and I were talking about how when she looks back on every session she and Jason have done as couple the session has held it’s own special memory and celebrated ‘the time in their life that…’. That’s why they celebrate every anniversary with a photo session, to remind them of THAT year, THOSE moments and THOSE memories. I love that!

“I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.”
“And together, they built a life they love”

Someone once said…”A good marriage isn’t something you find, it’s something you make. And you have to keep on making it.” Cat and Jason are proof of making that decision every day. Oh, and choosing to keep making each other laugh and keep the dogs fed and happy!

“My fairytale came true with you”

And then…there’s Milo…

All the outtakes with this one!

Hicks 4.28.19

This couple is SO much fun! This is the 2nd year I’ve gotten to shoot with them, and I’m so happy because this time they’re locals after relocating to Springfield from KC!! Getting to shoot with them is always fun, full of laughs and just like hanging out with old friends! We have a great time, even though we cheer for opposite football teams… #steelersnation vs #chiefskingdom

Brandon and Kelsie Engagement 5.17.19

This engagement shoot was nothing short of butterflies. It was easy on my part (that’s a compliment from a photographer standpoint, I promise!). I said hey in the parkinglot, took them to a rock, then a field, then a stone wall, then a quick costume change in the parking lot then the lake at sunset. The rest, I just stood back and watched. So excited for these two and their double wedding (one in South Africa and one in Branson) this summer!

Kelsie and Brandon Proposal

Best surprise proposal. Ever. I had an engagement photoshoot set up for Kelsie and Brandon for the few days that he was in town (from South Africa, hello!), when Kelsie called me and said “Um, we’re going to need to cancel this shoot. He didn’t propose, so no engagement shoot.” My heart broke because I was SO excited about this shoot! About 3 minutes later, I got a facebook message from Brandon saying “DON’T GIVE AWAY OUR SESSION SLOT! I HAVE THE RING AND I’M SURPRISING HER TOMORROW AT THE SHOWBOAT!” I may have invited myself to the surprise proposal by just telling him “Oh good, I’ll make sure and be there!” I wouldn’t have missed this for anything!

Kelsie was in the middle of her song during the dinner entertainment on the Showboat Branson Belle when Brandon (who can also sing!) joined in on the bridge…
There was a little confusion on Kelsie’s part (note the ring box in Brandon’s pocket!)
It’s starting to make sense…
“A few months ago I said I was coming to fetch you…here I am!”
All the happy!

Stay tuned for the AMAZING engagement session that followed…just as previously scheduled!

Diamond Rio at SDC 5.26.19

You can’t celebrate 90s country music without singing along to every Diamond Rio song! Meet In The Middle, How Your Love Makes Me Feel, What A Beautiful Mess, In God We Still Trust, Norma Jean Riley…the list goes on!

One of my favorite things about Diamond Rio concerts is that they sing EVERY hit! It’s a 90 minute whirlwind of every single one of your favorite songs, non-stop music! You won’t leave a concert without hearing that ONE song you came to hear!

Marty Roe, Gene Johnson, Jimmy Olander, Dana Williams, Brian Prout and Dan Truman have been singing together for over 30 years, they have 22 Top 10 Singles, have sold more than 10-million albums, are Grammy award winning and are 6-time Vocal Group of the year! These guys are SO talented and SO much fun in concert!

When you make a sign asking for a picture…you might just get one!

Silver Dollar City always has an AMAZING concert line up and I love seeing Jack and Sherry Herschend enjoying them from the front row!

Bark For Life 2019

What a perfect morning at Bark For Life! All the dogs, all the dog kisses and all the support for a good cause! So thankful for an invite from a friend over social media to come support all these dogs and dog owners in the search for a cure!

I loved making new friends, getting to watch all the dogs play, catch frisbees and even do a little dress-up!!

The best part, getting the opportunity to pair up with Shepherd Of The Hills Humane Society to show off one of their dogs looking for their forever home! You guys, Larry is the sweetest, lovable little guy! He’s a ton of fun, so good tempered and full of energy! He’ll be perfect for someone’s family to love forever!

The next Bark For Life is scheduled for spring 2020, keep an eye out for details! Bring your 4-legged friend, or come ready to take a new bff home with you!! For more pictures of the 4-legged cuteness, check out the gallery on my website!

96 Miles Band

I had SO much fun shooting for 96 Miles Band!! Not only are Tami and Michael a fun couple with AMAZING talent, get this, even this unique band name has special meaning to them! It’s 96 miles from Tami’s front door to Michael’s door…hence the name of their musical duo.

96 Miles Band

When Tami asked me to shoot for them it was the middle of January (I said I was WAY behind on blog posts!), and for a split second I had this “uh, it’s 25* outside, where exactly are we gonna do this…” thought. But before I could finish my thought, she said “I know a guy that works at Fritz’s Adventure…would you be up for shooting there after they close one night?” Not even a question. How cool is that?!

You can find this duo playing regularly in Eureka Springs, Springfield, Fayetteville and all around the Ozark! Connect with them on Facebook and Instagram!

New Sights Around Branson in 2019!

It’s busy season in full force again! All the shooting, all the editing, ALL the coffee!! It’s been watching the season take shape the last few weeks, excited for what this year brings to Branson, and TGC Photography!

If you’re looking for new things coming to Branson this season, check out Landshark Bar and Grill on the Branson Landing! Landshark celebrated their grand opening the end of February, and has been a great addition to the rest of the shopping, dining and entertainment at the Landing! Owned by IMCMV Holdings Inc. (the same company which owns Margaritaville!), Landshark has an amazing view of view of the Landing fountains right in the middle of the excitement! With a great food and drink menu, a fun family friendly atmosphere and lots of live music, Landshark will have you feeling like you’ve got your toes in the sand all year long! Fins up!

Amazing view of Lake Taneycomo and the Branson Landing fountains from the patio at Landshark Bar & Grill!

If you’ve been a frequent cruiser on the Hwy 76, you’ve surely passed by the Grand Palace. Home of all the biggest names in town since its building in the 1990s through its vacancy in 2008. It was bought by Kuvera Partners in 2014, and after much discussion, ground breaking has occurred for Branson’s newest indoor attraction, The Aquarium On the Boardwalk, set to open in 2020!

The Grand Palace Theater has seen some of the biggest names and concerts in Branson! It has been empty since 2008

It’s going to be another great year in Branson! Get ready for the adventure!

Chico Love

If you follow me on social media at all, you know my beset friend is my puppy Chico. He’s 7 years old, but he’s only 7lbs…so he’ll always be a puppy. We go on coffee dates, we hike to watch sunrises and sunsets (definitely the latter, because we don’t do many mornings!), we share a detest for mornings and would rather stay in bed than get up and face the world, we road trip together, and we spend LOTS of time cuddling (he’s actually currently under the blankets in my lap under my computer).

This is his favorite way to cuddle….I got nothin’

His favorite treat is whip cream, whether he’s eating it from the can, from a bowl, or from his favorite coffee shop. He can clean out a grande pup whip from Starbucks in the time it takes to get out of the drive thru lane…

I can’t imagine my life without my Chico, even if he hates to pose for the camera (what kind of photographer dog IS he?!). He’s shown me what unconditional love is, and he’ll always be my favorite! Happy 3rd, ‘gotcha day’!