Chico Love

If you follow me on social media at all, you know my beset friend is my puppy Chico. He’s 7 years old, but he’s only 7lbs…so he’ll always be a puppy. We go on coffee dates, we hike to watch sunrises and sunsets (definitely the latter, because we don’t do many mornings!), we share a detest for mornings and would rather stay in bed than get up and face the world, we road trip together, and we spend LOTS of time cuddling (he’s actually currently under the blankets in my lap under my computer).

This is his favorite way to cuddle….I got nothin’

His favorite treat is whip cream, whether he’s eating it from the can, from a bowl, or from his favorite coffee shop. He can clean out a grande pup whip from Starbucks in the time it takes to get out of the drive thru lane…

I can’t imagine my life without my Chico, even if he hates to pose for the camera (what kind of photographer dog IS he?!). He’s shown me what unconditional love is, and he’ll always be my favorite! Happy 3rd, ‘gotcha day’!

Dogs Have Birthdays Too

1 year ago Cat said “look at our new puppy we’re getting!! His name is going to be Milo!” And a few weeks later…we (yep, totally just added myself to their family as far as Milo is concerned) welcomed Milo home with a newborn puppy shoot!

It’s a…..Milo!

A year of adventures ensued including baseball games, lots of time in the creek, hours at the dog park, hiking trails, playing tug of war, Christmas snuggles and a bad haircut…

So naturally there was also a birthday party!

Happy birthday, Milo! Make a wish!

Thank you for letting me be your personal photographer, Milo!! Can’t wait for another year of adventures!