Kelsie and Brandon Proposal

Best surprise proposal. Ever. I had an engagement photoshoot set up for Kelsie and Brandon for the few days that he was in town (from South Africa, hello!), when Kelsie called me and said “Um, we’re going to need to cancel this shoot. He didn’t propose, so no engagement shoot.” My heart broke because I was SO excited about this shoot! About 3 minutes later, I got a facebook message from Brandon saying “DON’T GIVE AWAY OUR SESSION SLOT! I HAVE THE RING AND I’M SURPRISING HER TOMORROW AT THE SHOWBOAT!” I may have invited myself to the surprise proposal by just telling him “Oh good, I’ll make sure and be there!” I wouldn’t have missed this for anything!

Kelsie was in the middle of her song during the dinner entertainment on the Showboat Branson Belle when Brandon (who can also sing!) joined in on the bridge…
There was a little confusion on Kelsie’s part (note the ring box in Brandon’s pocket!)
It’s starting to make sense…
“A few months ago I said I was coming to fetch you…here I am!”
All the happy!

Stay tuned for the AMAZING engagement session that followed…just as previously scheduled!