Disney Dream Spring 2020

I have always loved the magic of Disney. There is just unmatchable magic and happiness associated with anything having to do with a pair of Mickey ears. When Julie extended the invitation to some sail with her on the Disney Dream and sneak in a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot on the boat, my photographer dreams became reality.

Some of the famous ‘media shoot’ locations on board are next to the red funnels!
A princess overlooking her kingdom!
Life through a porthole
Officer life is the best life!
Officer Julie and Captain Donald!

Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, is a photographer’s paradise. Shooting beside the turquoise waters and the white beaches is a postcard perfect background!

Rose gold Ears, blue waters and white sandy beaches
Disney Dream
Before we sailed, I found the picture on the left, and said it was the one picture that I wanted to recreate. It was everything I wanted it to be!
Disney is the only cruise line to celebrate every cruise with fireworks at sea

After a cruise at sea with my new friends, I keep asking myself “when can we do this again?!”

Snow White and Her BFF Ariel

The princess sessions strike again! This chickadee may be tired of me before the summer if over…on the other hand…she has enough facial expressions to last for at LEAST the rest of the princess season!

E’s mom and I have such a great time putting these shoots together. Steph has the most amazing creative mind to put together the costumes for both kids, and we all have a great time at sessions laughing and chasing the never-to-be-still princess!

Snow White was next on our Princess list. Add in a few trees, a mirror and an apple that really took the brunt of the evening…and it was like walking into a fairy tale. We just needed the 7 Dwarfs!

“Mirror, mirror….wait, hold up a second…”
I know I’m cute

After Snow White decided she was done…it was on to the the water and a mermaid tail!

My favorite part of these sessions is getting to capture the pure genuineness of an almost-two-year-old princess. She doesn’t know ‘who’ she’s supposed to ‘be’ in a princess dress, and yet, she seems to portray the character in her own special, individual way!

If The Glass Slipper Fits…

Didn’t we all want to be a princess growing up? The dress. The shoes. The prince charming. I wasn’t a princess growing up, but as a photographer…sometimes I get to help make little girls dreams come true!

When big brother volunteers to be Prince Charming for the evening…you don’t tell him no!

Sometimes, the right shoe can make any problem better. Don’t you agree, girls?!

But even a princess has to do laundry on laundry day…