I’m #btownlocal

The softest, comfiest, best Branson shirts are made by B-town Threads. I LOVE this company, I love what they stand for, and I love their shirts! I’ve partnered with them several times doing shoots for their newest t-shirt designs, and it’s ALWAYS a great time! (They also designed my TGC Photography shirts that I wear allllll the time!)

Me’Lissa runs this company, creates all these designs and has a vision for bringing out the best in B-Town as well as bringing light to the entertaining quirks of living in a tourist town (hello round a bout!)!

This shoot was full of amazing models who were willing to try anything (including standing in the middle of the street, sitting on ledges and climbing through parking garages!)!

What I love most about B-Town Threads is that they truly believe in giving back to their community. A large portion of all their proceeds are given back to non-profit organizations within the Branson community. “We believe that communities shine the brightest as we serve and share with one another.  We value faith, family, giving and connection. It is our hope that B-Town Threads will be a beacon of love and commitment to our community and through our interactions that we inspire others to do the same… Shine On! “

You can check out B-Town Threads on ALL social media platforms and shop all their designs on their website!

“Just Casually Walking Through The Snow…” For Instagram

I love how so many photoshoots are born from the thought “wouldn’t this look cute on Instagram?!” I’m not gonna lie. It’s just the honest truth. If the comment “I’m going to caption this with…” doesn’t happen during a photoshoot (from either the photographer or the model), is it really even a photoshoot?!

It’s January. It’s winter. And my social accounts https://www.instagram.com/tgcphoto/ and https://www.facebook.com/TGCBranson/ definitely are lacking in snow pictures. Because we haven’t had any yet this season (hello, I ran in a t-shirt and no jacket yesterday)…so when it snowed for 4.6 seconds today there wasn’t even an option. It was time to updated the ‘gram.

I love putting together shoots with Catherine (WITH A C!), our minds are always on the same page for pictures and her creative mind and artistic eye means we have ideas coming from everywhere! She didn’t even bat an eye at hanging out in the 27* cold with blowing snow and trapping through a creek.

Cat captioned these pictures (below) as soon as she saw the back-of-camera image. That makes a photographer heart happy!!

“In a world cold and grey, her should bloomed anyway” ~ Stacey Martin
Casually walking through the woods…in the snow…for the Instagram picture…

Of course I’m being slightly sarcastic, but I’m also being 100% honest. Shooting with Instagram in mind isn’t a bad thing, and honestly, I have brainstormed a lot of shoots with people for the ‘gram, and loved every single one of them! Here’s to you, Instagram content shooters! Let me know, because I’d be happy to help you out!

“When snow falls, nature listens”

My feelings about Instagram filters…that’s another story.