When It’s 65* In January

Ozark weather is weird. We often experience all 4 seasons in 1 day. Sunshine, rain, tornados and a snowstorm all in 1 week. And the weathermen are usually wrong. And sometimes, when it’s a beautiful weekend in January…you have no choice but to take advantage of the sunshine, the sunset and the lake and go shooting! (With willing models like Emily, of course!)

The off season may be my favorite because I get to shoot solely for the fun of it. I get to let my creative spirit be a little adventurous; and I don’t feel the pressure of an arranged session. If not ONE picture turns out how I planned…that’s ok! And it makes it even sweeter when some of my ideas turn out even better than I planned!

I’ve always been a natural light photographer…and one of my goals for 2019 is to better my on/off camera speedlight skills and combine natural ambient light with flash lighting, especially when shooting outdoors. Stepping away from ETTL (auto) flash mode and controlling the light vs letting it control me!

All three of these images (above) use on camera flash…all resulting in different feeling images due to different combinations of lighting!

One of my favorite magical powers of adding flash to ambient lighting is the power to capture vibrant sunset images…even when it’s almost totally dark outside!

Sunset images WITHOUT flash provide their own magic as well

If we’re voting…I’d gladly welcome a few more 65* days before winter is over!

The Girl (and the Dog) Behind The Camera

Behind every photography company is a photographer holding the camera. And behind THIS photographer holding a camera…is a very cuddly puppy named Chico, and a whole lot of coffee!

Expresso Branson is my absolute favorite coffee shop in Branson…and Chico likes it a lot too. They spoil him just a little! But he always has to check out Mom’s coffee order as well…

I picked up my 1st DSLR camera in the summer of 2014, and the passion has been real ever since! I have a passion for capturing all the candid moments that lend themselves to lifestyle photography. I love capturing the hugs, the giggles, the smiles and the perfectly-imperfect moments that make family memories unforgettable! I also love capturing the magic that presents itself at live events. Branson shows and the performers are near and dear to my heart and are where I started my photography business. I love the music, lights, special effects and energy that bring the stage to life!

My editing buddy Chico came into my life almost exactly 3 years ago and he’s been my best friend ever since. He’s 7lbs of cuddles, his favorite place to be is taking one of his multiple daily naps in my lap, or sitting on the porch in the sunshine. This is a pretty typical view of my lap during editing sessions…

Chico’s a pretty typical photographer dog…and getting him to pose for the camera is worse than a 2 year old. But when he does let me take his picture…he’s pretty adorable.

Besides Chico snuggles, TGC is fueled by coffee, coffee and more coffee. I LOVE checking out new coffee shops and going on coffee dates with friends. If I’m working and not cuddling with Chico, you can bet that you’ll find me at a coffee shop with my laptop!

One of the things I’ve fallen in love with on my photography journey is all the different places I’ve gotten to take my camera. Puerto Rico, New York City, hanging out of helicopters and airplanes…the adventures are endless!

Chico, Camera, Coffee….my life in 3 words!